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Cartier decided to take on the challenge and designed a flat wristwatch designed a watch to be worn on the wrist with a leather strap. This new way to wear a watch quickly became a huge hit with Santos-Dumont and others. The fact that Cartier still produces this watch today says much about its initial design.

Cartier did not stop with simple wrist watch designs.

If you are investing in a luxury, designer item, be as thorough in authenticating your purchase as possible.

Here are tips to keep in mind when inspecting an item purchased outside of a certified dealer.

Luckily, at True Facet, we authenticate your purchase so you don’t have to.

Cartier Watches Cartier watches are some of the most well-crafted and expensive watches made.

If it smears, it’s fake, if it beads, it’s more likely authentic. Logo: Check out the Cartier logo on the face of the watch and compare it to the logo of an authentic Cartier. Serial Number: Every Cartier watch has a serial number engraved on the side.

These stylish watches have become part of a coveted timepiece collection for a number of men and women.

When you are looking for an elegant, timeless and expertly crafted watch, you cannot go wrong with a Cartier.

We don’t want you to invest in high-end jewelry or watches, just to find out they’re fake, and we’re sure you don’t want to either.

During this time, the company developed and used the famous "Le Must de Cartier" line.

This marketing plan worked wonders for the company, as did its new versions of classic watches like the "Santos." Cartier was able to be re-establish as an innovative and fashionable watch and jewelry maker in the luxury market once more.

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Cartier watches are available in stainless steel, silver, gold, and with or without diamonds.

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