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And while it's unlikely he would spread the disease through protected sex, he’s had a decent number of people turn him down.He usually tells the person about his HIV after he sees that it’s going to be more than a platonic relationship.In most cases, sex happens more quickly, probably due to not having had it as frequently as they would like to. Chronic illness is no doubt a deal-breaker for many people.

In Miller’s case, it turned out okay, even with the misunderstanding—the couple eventually married.

Sharing too soon may scare the person off and sharing too late may lead to a lack of trust.

Amber Miller, a 26-year-old college student in Oklahoma City, was waiting to tell Josh about her type one diabetes. So when he didn’t hear from her for a month while she was recovering from a diabetic coma, he expected the worst.“Josh thought I broke up with him because none of my family told him about the coma and he didn’t hear from me for a month,” Miller said.

Some have and realized it was too much for them and won’t again.

And then there are people like the person in the forum who wrote, “No, no, and no!!

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She wrote, “Was I really willing to step into a relationship with someone with health issues when love is hard enough healthy?

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