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Dating girl too busy

I told him that I was and to let me know what time we should meet. So that Wed morning I texted him asking him if we were still on for that night. I actually don’t know yet if I’ll be able to get off work in time tonight b/c we’re having a really busy day at work. ” (I did reply to that text but just said “ah that’s okay”).

This happened 3 days ago and I haven’t heard from him since.

Not only am I saying, “I’m too busy,” but I’m really saying, “I don’t want to see you in the near future.

I don’t even want to bother myself to make up a legitimate excuse, or offer another time that may work better for me.”Don’t accept when someone tells you he or she is too busy.

And all he gives you is a few-syllable text to explain himself.

We’ve all got work commitments, family commitments, social obligations, errands and workouts. But, can we be honest with each other here for a minute?

How does a guy even go from acting all interested to the complete opposite in a matter of 4 days? It could be that he didn’t ask you our again because he realized he wouldn’t have the time. Or because he just wasn’t as interested as he originally thought. You can shoot him a text and suggest a night to get together and see what he says. Just “bad” for you in terms of what he can contribute to a relationship.

You’re chatting it up with some foxy new prospect, texting him constantly and seeing him on and off for a few dates. He’s got practice, working late, drinks with the buddies, gym workouts, a doctor’s appointment every day for a mysterious ailment, a new pet kangaroo to entertain, a free trip to outer space and delivering cookies to the old folks home. Now, don’t get me wrong; I know we’ve all got things to do.

I found it so strange that he showed all the usual signs of interest right after the 1st date but now all of a sudden he just seems so disinterested. Now, would it be stupid/too forward for ME to text him sometime in the next few days?

Or should I just wait for him to contact me (if he ever even does that is).

There’s a really high chance that the “too busy” guy (or girl) isn’t any busier than the rest of us.

We all get 24 hours a day, so mathematically speaking, we’re all working with the same allotment of time per day.

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But that baseline, that “normal, needs to be established so one or both parties isn’t analyzing the situation and wondering what the real story is.

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