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Here is a link to that page: Kenny Hand Made Walnut 000 | Hand Made Maple OOO 12 | '94 915-M | '96 810 | '98 W65 | '00 314-K | Yairi DY-58 (9 String) | Sobell Cittern | Moon 'Bazar' (Guitar-Bouzouki) | Freshwater Octave Mandolin | Breedlove Fretless Acoustic Bass | Recording King Squareneck Tricone Reso | Ozark Tenor Banjo | Ozark Tenor Guitar | EKO Ranger XII | Fender Strat | 'Vintage' "The Fool" SG | some others Whatta y'all think? [ : Message edited by: Louisms ] Unlike some guitar manufacturers who use serial numbering systems on their guitars that don't allow the viewer to instantly know the month and the year the guitar was produced, with the present Taylor serial numbering system one can instantly tell the age of the guitar.A Martin guitar dealer can have a guitar in his store for years and, unless you knew which serial numbers were made in which years, the uninformed buyer would never know it. My 310 will never court herself with one of them hillbillies (i won't allow it! She'd rather keep herself "pure" and date another of her kind. This applies for overseas models from 2013 For Example; Serial Number:#51010999.The first two digits represent the number of years from 1962 (1962 51 = 2013). The last four is the sequential number from all guitars made that month.So, for example, if the serial number were 980103004, it would break down as follows: It should be emphasized that the serial number does not indicate when a guitar was finished, or when it was shipped.It takes days to make each Taylor guitar, and the serial number indicates only the day a particular guitar was started in assembly.

Go to the Taylor website and look in the dating your guitar section. She deserves better, but she doesn't even seem to care that he's nothing but a plywood hillbilly. Or that nice Collings boy she played with for a while.

Please visit it in the Gearwiki** 2009-current In 2009 Taylor adopted a new numbering system format which identifies the factory of production, year, date and the assigned number of the guitar on that day’s production schedule, although the numerical sequence is slightly different from the previous system.

Factory designation: 1 = El Cajon 2 = Tecate Accordingly, the serial number for the first guitar built in the Tecate factory on November 2, 2009 is 2011029001.

I'm wondering if there's a way to confirm precisely what this little guitar is.

I can't find a Taylor catalog from what I think is the date of manufacture. My understanding is that this means it was made in 2000.

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