A researcher, who does not disclose himself/herself is unseen by the subjects, which produces an affect of spying.The activities can be observed not only in real time when they are taking place but also long after they are over.However, to the best of my knowledge the use of the Russian-language Internet by emigrants has so far been studied primarily as a complementary source for studies of folklore (Fialkova and Yelenevskaya, no date), sociology (Fel'dman 2003: 464-465), or language (Guseinov, 2000; Zemskaia 2001: 160-164).The time is ripe to make Internet use itself the focus of our study.It is used not only by the young, but by the older generation as well.The latter communicate with their friends and relatives all over the world, read e-books and newspapers, visit virtual museums, and follow political news.Russian language on the Internet exists in two main scripts, Cyrillic and Latin transliteration.According to Guseinov, this transliteration is the first attack on Cyrillic since the 1920s, script change was seriously discussed in Soviet Russia (Guseinov 2000: 298).

They don't only live virtual lives, but, may be, it's easier to unite, sort of, and very oft they all reject Israel altogether. I even saw that from the literature, from Tel Aviv University. We literally play "Guess the tune" [title of a popular Russian TV program], but with poetry, like I do with dad [pause], literally.

These figures reflect the fact that Internet has become very popular among Russian-speaking Israelis and is no longer an indicator of financial well-being.

Internet as well as the cable TV, which provides people with the Russian-language programs, is regarded as one of the most important facilities.

Simona: Now, I'll tell you about the life of Russian Israelis, Israelis from Russia on err, on the Internet, in the virtual world.

I have been, so to speak, active there as well for about a year now.


They all hang around in this chat-room, and they completely reject the countries they live in. [laughs] Yeah, to this extent Well, we treat locals exactly like they do. They have their own life; they organize all sorts of get-togethers. And I heard that there were, my friend was Interviewer: ???? They all stormed into a pub; there were about forty people there, and all permanent customers. Oh, it's very interesting, it's terrific, and you simply must know at least that it exists!

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