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Is larisa oleynik dating joseph gordon levitt

As far as teen movies go, wasn’t terrible, and stuck surprisingly close to the source material.This one is probably the most obscure film on the list, but was directed by legendary Japanese director Akira Kurosawa.One is about a son whose father is the king, and whose father is betrayed by his own brother and killed.The boy discovers the truth when the spirit of his dead father speaks to him, and he decides to avenge his father’s death, which ultimately leads to his uncle’s demise. At first glance it’s just another one of those corny teen movies that came out right alongside the glut of teen movies in the 1990’s, and pretty much all anyone remembers from it is the scene where Ledger sings to Julia Stiles.Not surprisingly, she falls in love with her roommate and has to convince him she’s a girl by flashing him.If this sounds familiar, you’re probably thinking it sounds exactly like , because it is.Some movies are pretty straightforward when it comes to honoring the Bard, while others are a whole lot more subtle.Here are the top 10 movies you didn’t realize were based on Shakespeare plays: Okay, here are a couple things about one of the most famous plays of all-time, and one of the most beloved Disney movies of all-time.

According to Van Sant, he viewed the characters and their predicament as being similar to those in and went all out with a script rewrite, making it abundantly clear that the film was now much closer in narrative to Henry IV than to the original source material, to the point where he eventually had to tone down the Shakespeare, because even the dialogue was a little too Bard-like.In case you needed further evidence, all you have to do is take a look at, well, every single name in the movie, which are all lifted directly from the play.Viola, Sebastian, Olivia, and even the name of the high school, Illyria, is named for the island on which Viola and Sebastian are shipwrecked at the beginning of the play.Of course, since it’s a romantic comedy, naturally she does, and thus the shrew has been tamed.Who would have thought that the first film set entirely in outer space, one of the all-time classic science fiction movies, was actually based on Shakespeare?

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Would you believe a film about a couple of drunken Canadian brothers, who wind up working at a brewery run by a madman who uses tainted beer to get mental patients to play hockey and fight via mind control, is actually based on involves a brewery owner who is murdered by his brother.

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