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This can also be explained by the fact that a sexual contact between a woman and an animal is impossible without a desire from the animal.

In various age groups of zoophilia lovers male teenagers (18-21 y.o.) are ready to have sex with an animal.

In 50-ties, Kinsey was conducting a research of the subject, quizzing 6000 women, and received a positive answer only in 3 cases.

These quizzes, however, do not represent the real picture of popularity of zoophilia in society, because a lot of women are simply shy to admit that they are practicing zoophilia to an unknown person.


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The only difference between the genders is that a man can have a lot of single encounters with various sex objects, but a woman, as a rule, has a longer relationship with one “lover”.

Research on the popularity of zoophilia proved itself incredibly difficult.

Most people were ready to confess anything except sexual encounters with animals.

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A 12 year old has no business in chat rooms or on a computer when he should be in bed.

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