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Well, not exactly, but it sure is fun to fan the flames of progressive paranoia to new heights! BTW, that’s why I supported Trump during the election.Oh, and the liberal world order is collapsing: “At his farewell address in Chicago earlier this week, President Obama offered a plaintive lament for a world under threat. If a bulldozer plows over these people in Washington, why is that a bad thing?Friday night, Mayor Guardian of Atlantic City had just issued a press release canceling beach concerts this weekend (good), but also saying: “Atlantic City’s casinos and restaurants will still be open for business. If you must go to the shore, plan on coming back tonight at the latest.If you want to come on down to Atlantic City early Saturday and ride out the storm inside one of our luxurious casinos or hotels, there will be no better place to be this Labor Day weekend.” (No better place? And tell your friends and relatives the same thing (which I have done to my friends and relatives).The ocean is way warmer than Memorial Day or the 4 You remember the names.Sandy, Irene, Floyd, Gloria (well, maybe not back that far-Gloria was 31 years ago). It barely became a Category 1 hurricane - top winds reached 80 mph.If you live at the shore, be prepared to “hunker down” for a few days-perhaps without power, and perhaps cut off by flooded roads.And take everything off balconies, porches, and lawns and bring it inside.

If you have any interests at or near the shore, please keep up-to-date on developments this weekend.

They usually start moving faster as they get closer, and race out to sea. This may have to change, and people at the Jersey Shore and Delaware Beaches need to be prepared in case evacuations become necessary.

After all, Hermine continues to behave exactly how a “worst-case scenario” storm might behave.

When I worked for the National Weather Service, that was my main job.

It was about educating the public, emergency management, and even the media about being prepared in case a weather disaster hit.

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There are some uncertainties still remaining about Hermine and its’ effect on our beach areas, but it is pretty clear that, at best, the weather will be cloudy, rainy, windy, and miserable Sunday and Monday. These areas were not hit nearly as hard with Sandy as places to the north.

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