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Thewebdating com

Some of the deliverability issues are the result of sender-based software configurations.If you are running anti-virus software on your firewall or SMTP server, check for the setting "Internet Email Auto Protect" or "Internet Email Protection." If this setting is enabled, disable it and try sending a test message to our servers again. If you are unable to connect, then attempt to telnet over port 25 directly to our email servers (MTAs).You can find the current list of our MTAs by querying "nslookup –q=mx" from a command prompt (this should work in a variety of Operating Systems).Currently, the addresses for these servers are,, mx3.and mx4.IP addresses that are reserved for private (non-routable) networking are,, and (or -, -, - 1.255).We have developed some tools and services which will give you more information about how our users are rating your email.

We will do our best to help you troubleshoot your issue.This is the practice of verifying email addresses without sending (or attempting to send) emails to those addresses.This method is commonly used by malicious senders to generate lists of valid e-mail addresses that they can send spam, phishing emails or malware.Возможно, нужная вам информация уже есть в разделе Часто задаваемые вопросы. Укажите все известные данные, чтобы мы смогли помочь быстрее.После того как вы отправите письмо, на указанный e-mail придет ответ с номером вашей заявки и сроками ее рассмотрения.

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Microsoft's Smart Screen® technology is designed to provide anti-spam filtering innovations for as well as other Microsoft products like Exchange Server, Microsoft Office Outlook and Windows Live Mail.

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