Updating ttk progress bar perl

Updating ttk progress bar perl

Ttk Notebook widget manages a collection of windows and displays a single one at a time.

Each child window is associated with a tab, which the user may select to change the currently-displayed window.

Usually this option consists of the method If greater than zero, specifies how much space, in character widths, to allocate for the text label, if less than zero, specifies a minimum width.

If zero or unspecified, the natural width of the text label is used. In the “readonly” state, the value may not be edited directly, and the user can only selection of the values from the dropdown list.

If 1, it means that the window should receive the input focus as long as it is viewable.

widget shows the status of a long-running operation.

If the value is less than zero then no rounding occurs. Specifies the reference to a scalar variable to link to the Progress Bar.

Whenever the value of the variable changes, the Progress Bar will upate to reflect this value.

The basic idea for ) to automatically replace the Tk widgets.

This has the direct benefit of using the new widgets which gives a better look and feel across platforms; however, the replacement widgets are not completely compatible.

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Specifies the amount of extra space to add around the outside of the notebook.

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