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Www financialdating com

In September 2010, I decided to start a new business by myself.

Having experienced previous success, I felt confident about starting a business until I started thinking about money and finance.

As a result I created my first information product, designed my first platinum style program and raised my prices with my existing corporate clients, which led to over ,000 of additional revenue in 30 days!

I have really come to appreciate that perfection is the enemy of the good. I am really grateful to both Kendall and Richard for showing me the path to follow through clearly defined steps and holding me as more powerful than I could see myself.

Thanks to the Stars Courageous Coaching Program I’ve finally connected the dots between my passion, purpose and profit and it feels fantastic!

” Vanessa Shaw, PCC Simply “Richard has this rare ability to listen deeply, focus and to intuitively get to the bottom-line truth. So much info downloaded about my situation in a short amount of time – it’s as if he tuned in like one would tune in to a specific frequency of a radio station.

Having experienced serious financial situations in the past myself, I knew that I wanted to help others have their own money breakthroughs.

When I made the decision to invest in STARS, I was certain that it would come back to me at some point.

I am fully connected to my finances and I love our relationship!

I am now guiding others to break free of money stories, habits and dramas that have been keeping them from living their most empowered and joyful lives.

Thanks to the changes I have been making, my appointment calendar is completely booked with current and prospective clients.

The best part is my clients are getting even better results. It helps me help my clients in much bigger ways too!

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I uncovered shame, guilt, fear, beliefs and habits that were keeping me from living in an empowered relationship with money in so many different ways.

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